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zhongke MissionZhongke’s Mission

Create a Happy Life

1. Embody the management philosophy and spiritual pursuit of Zhongke. We take the sustainable development of enterprises as the cornerstone, and establish the Three With as the direction to create a happy life for stakeholders and the public as the ultimate goal, as well as serve and pay back the society. (Three With: create value with customers, share achievements with employees and develop ourselves with the society; Stakeholder means employee, customer, supplier, and shareholders)

2. Embody the ultimate goal of the existing business and the future extension. Follow the pace of the times, improve the living & dwelling environment of people; create a happy life, which is closely linked with the existing business sectors, such as Construction, Real Estate, Finance and Massive Health; Even the business will expand or transform in the future, the ultimate goal always sticks to creating a happy life for stakeholders and the society.

3. Zhongke builds the Zhongke’s Dream and a Happy Zhongke.

zhongke visionZhongke’s Vision

Become Leading Investment Holding Group in China

1. “Investment & Holding” reflects the business development and operation mode of Zhongke, which is an inevitable choice for the development of Zhongke’s industry and capital operation, and is in line with the current social development trend of economic integration and fusion of industry and finance.

2. The “National Leading” reflects the comprehensive strength and industry status of Zhongke in the domestic investment holding groups, i.e. all indicators have reached the leading level of similar enterprises in China, including scale, profit and operation ability.

zhongke Sense of worthZhongke’s Value

Responsibility, Integrity, Innovation and Win-win Spirit

Responsibility is the root of establishment, highlighting the attitude and diligence;

Integrity is the foundation for development, abiding by the conduct and being the same outside and inside;

Innovation is the source of power, accumulating steadily and forging ahead;

Win-win is the way of competition, cooperating in the opening up and sharing.

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